About Us


I am so excited you are here!

 I’m Lexy Ziemann, North Thread’s owner located in a small lakes country town in Northern MN. 

I am a loving mother, wife, sister & friend who lives by the expression, “come as you are”.  

Rough day? Haven’t showered in a week? Going through something hard? Not feeling yourself? Best day of your life? Perfect. Come as you are. I believe expressing yourself through fashion and clothing can make the hard things a little easier. I want our customers to feel completely free to be their authentic selves while shopping with us.

Be you. In all your tiredness, in all your loudness, in all your opinions (uncensored), in all your big feelings, in all your joy, in all your youness. Come as you are. Be you in your stained T-shirt and your dry shampooed hair or be you in your cute Instagram worthy outfit and recently whitened teeth. Be authentically you as you are welcomed and celebrated here.

At North Threads I hope you find a little something that makes you feel good and makes life a little easier and more enjoyable.

Afterall, life's too short to wear boring clothes.